Alpine History


1991 saw the launch of the A610. This model underwent a great deal of re-styling inside and out but was still recognisable as a GTA derivative. The chassis structure was extensively reworked but the central box principal remained the same. The front was completely re-designed. The interior and switch gear were also improved. Air-conditioning and power steering were fitted as standard.

Engine V6 2975cc 250BHP 350Nm
0-100km/h 5.7s
Top speed 165.6mph (265km/h)
1000m standing start 24.9s
1/4 mile (400m) standing start 13.9s
Kerb weight 1420kg

In 1992 the special edition A610 'Magny-Cours' was introduced featuring unique green pearlescent paint, chrome plated tail pipes, green centered wheels, Magny-Cours inscription on the doors and a special leather interior. Not officially available in the UK but some RHD cars were specially ordered with a similar specification.

Performance figures quoted are factory figures.

Production Numbers

These figures are the official production numbers supplied by the Alpine factory. Please note that the year of manufacture is not necessarily the same as the year of registration. For example a GTA manufactured in 1990 may not have been registered until 1992

Right Hand Drive

Production numbers for RHD cars were extremely low.

Year of Manufacture Number Produced
1991 3
1992 28
1993 10
1994 18
1995 8
Total 67

Left Hand Drive

Production numbers for LHD vehicles were far higher.

Model Number Produced
Total 751

The total production run for A610s derivatives was 818 vehicles.

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