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Re: Driving the new 110S

Postby bcr5784 » Sun Dec 08, 2019 9:38 am

Custard wrote:I am not comparing it to bikes I was just using it as an example of engine flexibility. Or to put it in a different format 2 1800cc engines two different cams one makes 300hp 7000rpm the other 250hp 7000rpm but it has a much more flexibility lower down, I would buy the less Hp car as torque wins every time for ROAD cars, that’s why people love Diesel engines massive torque at low Rpm, or big V8s just touch the pedal and you fly straight away in any gear.
If you are going to do track stuff then HP becomes more important over flexibility. If I bought a 110 I would put the Lichfield remap on as that sounds like the ultimate combination.

The trouble is that the box is only specced to take 320nm - so I'd be wary of remaps that give significantly more. The box from the Megane doesn't fit (and isn't as good). and an uprated version of the current box is some way down the track. The benefits of light weight are shown by comparing performance of the Megane RS Trophy R which has 300bhp and 400nm with the Alpine. The Alpine absolutely demolishes the Megane everywhere in acceleration AND flexibility see http://www.zeperfs.com/en/duel6621-7927.htm

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