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Re: Drive out 3.0

Postby miles thomas » Mon Jun 05, 2023 9:26 pm

Drive our report.

The morning stated well with the car park filling up quickly and people drinking coffees in the sunshine. Just after 11:00 the first cars started off with Stuart leading the way in his GTA.
At the lunch stop we were joined by two more cars, Raymond in his Spider making 3 on the day,down on last year's 5. Deb's and I shared a table with Stuart and Jo as well as Charles and Nigel. Great support from Nigel for I think coming the furthest to join us,but I haven't checked that.
After some good food the Spiders decided to go of on mass to chase down Stuart in the GTA. We had a great drive through the countryside and small villages and even a wedding. The route took us right up and over the south downs national park with superb views of all the early summer beauty. Arriving at Fort Nelson the view over Portsmouth was spectacular, all the way across to the Isle of Wight.
This was great for the 3 cars that actually did the route. Out of all the other cars no one was actually using the notes and were all playing follow my leader. Which came to a sticky end when they lost one of the leaders. So sat nav was used and they had a boring run down the A3 :Douh
Deb's and I put a lot of effort in to this day,not to mention money and time. It was a great shame that people didn't use the route notes. If all people want is a start and a pub then all the rest was a bit of a waste.
Overall as far as I could tell everyone enjoyed the drive out and that's all I wanted. When you ask people to spend there Saturday with you, you don't want anyone feeling it was a waste of time.
No one did as far as I know which is great and all I wanted. I think I just have a different idea of what a Drive out is to me. We are all different I suppose.
Anyway here are some photos :up






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